Grupo Videre is focused on creating nationally renowned agricultural projects in Mozambique

Grupo Videre is focused on the creation of relevant and meaningful agricultural projects for Mozambique.

A rice and sugar production program is already in place that will cover a total of 140,000 hectares of crops in the future.

Grupo Videre is present in the agricultural sector through the partnership with Ubuntu, which currently has as its main objective the implementation of the '' Bela Vista Rice Project '' project. This project will be implemented in the Bela Vista area and aims to produce the equivalent of the current consumption of rice in the country.

In this first stage, the project will sow an area of 5,000 hectares and it is estimated that, after sixty months, it will have a production capacity of 40,000 tons of rice. In the following phases, the goal will be the first phase of expansion to 15,000 hectares.

The project's initial investment amounts to US $ 33 million, which already includes a 1,000-hectare irrigation system, a shelling, processing and bagging plant with a capacity of 300 tonnes / day. The project, still in the experimental phase, should make a first commercial production in 2014, where it will have a cultivation area of 1,000 hectares.

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