South Orient

Mozambican mining company whose main activity lies in the exploitation of gold, tantalite, quartz, iron and precious and semi-precious stones.

Videre Group is the holder of South Orient, a Mozambican mining company whose main activity lies in the exploitation of gold, tantalite, quartz, iron and precious and semi-precious stones.

This company holds concessions in Mozambique, which are currently in the prospecting stage and the company expects to move on to the exploitation stage within one year, at the latest.

The concessions are located in the provinces of Manica, Nampula and Zambézia.

South Orient

South Orient, SA is a mining company located in [Mozambique] established in 2008. The idea and pursuit to develop a Tantalite and semi-precious reserve originated in 2009, and it followed with the purchase of Mota Minerais in partnership with Chinese group ORIENT AFRICA RESOURCES.

In 2011, ORIENT AFRICA RESOURCES entered into a mining diligence MOU with MOTA MINERAIS that allowed for a 1-year diligence period for Mining license 3873C and 3874C in which ORIENT AFRICA RESOURCES could verify the data, in order to proceed to a commercial market development agreement. By 2012 ORIENT AFRICA RESOURCES had finalized the due diligence and bought majority shares of MOTA MINERAIS, which through test and analysis show great potential for Tantalite, Emeralds, Morganite, Tourmaline, Quartz and Garnet.

Please find here attached two international publishing reports of the area(Berilo Namivo, Neiva 2014) license certificate 3873, license certificate 3874C, sample pictures from license 3873C and 3874C.

In 2012 South Orient, SA in partnership with Chinese investment group China goldrain founded Black Rock Mining Co, Ltd and currently owns five gold exploration licenses.

Black Rock Mining Co

Black Rock Mining Co, Ltd in partnership with Hong Kong listed gold investment company HONG KONG GOLDEN JEWELRY is in exploration phase of gold license 6024L in Murrupula district, Nampula province, Mozambique.

Please find here attached the License 6048L, Murrupula(pictures of early work)

In partnership with Chinese investment group DAOHUAXING, South Orient, SA is in the final stages of negotiating a Joint venture agreement with AMECO to develop Mining concession 248C and exploration license 421L that could be the biggest Gold investment in Mozambique to date with initial investment estimated at $33 million USD.


Grupo Videre as recently acquire 50% of the company Ovahana Minerals that owns the license 599L in Balama, province of Cabo Delgado.

On Feb 2017 Grupo Videre as sign and agreement with Trench Resourses, a private equity Australian based company with focus on Mining projects in Africa to develop the necessary studies of exploration on the mine with focus on Graphite.

The study program begins in April 2017.

Attached mining photographs.
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We have finished the first exploration phase for Gold License 6837L and 6796L. Due to no road access to the mine we help built a 85km road where 25km didn't exist. We expect to start second phase of exploration in March 2017 and start production first quarter of 2018.


Consolidated, Mining Services (COGS) is a Mozambican based company that focuses on providing a selection of products and services to the mining industry in Mozambique. CMS delivers the products and services through its specialist partners and subsidiaries.

The CMS Group partners have years of experience in their specific sectors with track records that ensures quality delivery. CMS continually invests and partners with established mining service companies, and offers capital, knowledge and expertise in this sector, with the added benefits of assisting companies in the expansion into other markets and geographic regions.

The groups' growth ambition is to become a preferred counter party to the mining sector in Mozambique, while uplifting social and economic development in the communities where it operates.


A SOUTH ORIENT along with the Chinese Investment Group DAOHUAXING is also in the final stages of negotiating an agreement to partner with AMECO to develop the mining concession 248C and the Exploration License 421L, which may represent the biggest investment in the industry gold in Mozambique to date, with an estimated initial investment of $ 33 million dollars.