Oil and Gas

The company is referred to as one of the local companies with the largest intervention in the area.

The actions of the Videre Group have focused mainly on the actions of the Oil and Gas Sector. The company is referred to as one of the local companies with the largest intervention in the area.

Our focus is directed at strategic partnerships with leading companies in this industry, in order to ensure the best quality together with greater security, to provide integrated and efficient services.


Videre Group is a shareholder in and manager of COGS – Consolidated Oil and Gas Services – a Mozambican company providing services for the oil industry, namely in managing dedicated support bases and with solutions which range from the development of EPC projects (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) to their management.

COGS provides fully prepared facilities to receive companies that are involved in the exploitation, production or provision of services in the oil and gas business.

The company will also provide offshore pollution control services, including related services. These will be set up at the bases in Pemba, Palma, Mocimboa da Praia and Nacala.

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Videre Group provides services to Halliburton, with which it has a long-term lease contract, for a three hectare support base with a 4000 square metre warehouse, offices and open spaces.


We have a strategic partnership for Mozambique, focusing on the marketing and trading of LNG.


One of the group’s projects in the Mozambican market, based on providing integrated services for extractive industry camps, including all type of supplies needed to maintain these camps:??
1 - Construction, Management and Integrated Solutions for Camps ?
a) Operation and Maintenance;?
b) Catering
c) Fuel Supply;?
d) Contracting of Labour;
3) Management of Supply Chains.?
2 - Environmental Services?
3 - Materials and Equipment ?
4 - Medical Services

Ongoing Project:?
Maintenance contract for Anadarko;??
Tender for waste management for Anadarko;?
Selection process for the construction and management of Fluor’s camp.

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Videre Group also has a strategic partnership with Agility, with the objective of creating integrated logistics solutions targeting the Oil and Gas industry. These solutions are linked to logistics management (sea and road) for cargo handling and storage. The Videre Group is conducting a study, in partnership with Transmaritima, ENHL, MPDC and ADM, with a view to developing a national integrated solution, in that which concerns all types of imports of material assets, equipment and products for the oil industry.
We believe that in the near future we will be the industry’s best partner for international market door-to-door solutions in Mozambique.

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Projects under Negotiation

Cabotage for ENH ?
Supplier base at the port of Maputo ?
Mocimboa da Praia airport