"Videre Group has operated in the Mozambican market since 2012..."

The Videre Group

The Videre Group has operated in the Mozambican market since 2012, essentially in the field of energy, with projects in the engineering, power generation, mining and Oil & Gas sectors. At the same time it has pursued significant investment programmes in the fields of agriculture, construction and Information Technology (IT).

Guided by careful analysis of economic trends and the country’s needs, the Videre Group has developed highly successful alliances with international partners and investors with the financial and technological capabilities needed to complement its local knowledge, working with them on business ventures and high-profile projects in Mozambique. These investments have contributing to the economic development of Mozambique and creating value for the Group and its partners.

Thanks to expert and careful management of the projects it selects, the Group can boast a successful track record and has achieved excellent returns for itself and the other investors involved.

Board of Directors

Director Geral: Chivambo Mamadhusen
Operations Manager: Dingane Mamadhusen

Management Team

Departamento Financeiro: Zuleca Ghani
Departamento Juridico: Antonio Simon
Secretaria executiva: Marilia Durao

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Grupo Videre to be part of the promoters of the the Beluluane project (1000 MW power station in Mozambique)