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Pemba Yard

A state-of-the-art facility strategically located on the EN106 main road, approximately 1.5km from Pemba International Airport the Pemba Yard offers 4.938,2 m² of office, warehouse, and storage facilities on a 17,693,4 m² plot of land. Since 2012 this facility has been operating by Halliburton and servicing the Mozambican Oil&Gas industry.
Coordinates 13°00’06.6″S 40°31’52.0″E


GV is currently developing logistic solutions for strategic bulk minerals In the north of the country that will build competitive advantages to the exports of these minerals not only in Mozambique but in the regions also. This solution will involve road, rail, and dedicated terminals. GV as identified the necessary locations and routes and its finalizing the necessary studies to move to the investment phase.

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