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Grupo Videre is one of the promoters and developers in the Kuvaninga Energia (KDM) in partnership with Investec Bank and Enventure Partners. The Kuvaninga Energia plant is a 40MW reciprocating engine power plant located in Southern Mozambique (Chókwé). The plant includes 10 Jenbacher series 6 engines operating on domestic natural gas. 100% of the plant’s capacity is committed under a long-term power purchase agreement with the state utility EDM.

Grupo Videre strives to continuously seek partnership opportunities for local and regional power-generating projects using sustainable resources for Mozambique. In the near future the company plans to move from power generation to batteries, where we will play a role in developing the future of redx flow batteries.

SOLGENICS Mozambique

We are an innovative power supply solutions company and we are on a mission to deliver affordable and reliable electricity in Mozambique. We are currently developing a 100MW solar power project in Tete under our strategy to development of grid-scale renewable energy projects in the latest sustainable technologies

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