Operating in the Mozambican market since 2012...

Grupo Videre is a leading business development company, 100% privately held by Mozambican partners.

Our focus is to align, develop, and implement successful and strategic partnerships for greenfield projects in the extractive and energy field providing services to the Mining, Power Generating and Oil&Gas sectors in Mozambique.

Guided by careful analysis of economic trends and the country’s needs, Grupo Videre has developed highly successful alliances with international partners and investors with the financial and technological capabilities needed to complement its local knowledge, working with them on business ventures and high-profile projects in Mozambique.  The primary forces behind Grupo Videre’s success are its local and sector expertise that will continue to generate value for our partners and investors in the long term.  Strategic partnerships, inclusive growth and shared responsibility are deeply ingrained in our corporate culture.  Most importantly, adhering to international transparency initiatives and upholding the highest sustainable standards.



Grupo Videre believes that successful business hinges on shared responsibility, inclusiveness, and best practices, which is why partnerships and strategic alliances form the core of our model, built on trust, accountability, and credibility.


Our mission is to develop a socially responsible and sustainable energy sector in Mozambique, playing a dominant role in the entire value chain from Power Development to Mining to Oil&Gas.


Grupo Videre is committed to being the strategic local partner of choice to the global investment community in the energy field, promoting inclusion and access to the industry.
Our Strive

Grupo Videre strives to continuously seek partnership opportunities for local and regional Business Developments.


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